The fun thing about this photo-shoot was playing up the bright eyes of the model. In discussing what we wanted to do with the shoot was get this classic sweet look. The first step was to do a nice soft makeup and the hair in the braided ponytail. Then looking through the outfits she brought, we decided on a few different dresses. For this part of the session, I wanted to use a pink backdrop and found that the black and white dress with a short skirt worked perfectly. The outfit and lighting allowed us to have some fun with the nice and innocent expressions and eyes she has, yet with a bit fun and naughty behind the eyes.

The Look by Milo Denison on


A Classic Barbara by Milo Denison on


Sassy by Milo Denison on

Overall, this was a really fun photography session where we experimented with different outfits, lighting, and ideas to get a lot of great looks.