I really enjoy shooting with film cameras. There is something about having to force oneself to get the picture right in camera. Film photography isn’t about taking a few pictures, looking at the view-screen, making adjustments and taking more. Film photography forces people to be aware of aperture and shutter speed. Using a film camera can even involve the use of a light meter. In the case of medium format film, the need to get each picture correct is more important as you only get 12 exposures. Depending on the camera and aspect ratio. Might be more or less.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to shoot with film often as it is expensive to purchase and expensive to develop. Yet, when I do I am almost always happy with the results. Instagram and other digital services offer filters that make digital images look like film images. The reason for this is the look of film is simply fantastic. So, if possible, why not film in the first place?

Here is a gallery of some medium format images that I have shot with my Rolleiflex camera or a cheap plastic Holga.

Medium Format Film