This adorable little girl arrived in the studio nicely sleeping in her super cozy bear outfit. It was great leaving her in it for the first few pictures, where she occasionally opened her eyes but would quickly go back to sleep. As you can see by this one she looks pretty comfortable. I know I would be in her situation.

Sleeping Baby

So when it came to taking her out of it all, I thought she would get mad at her parents but she actually was very good. She went along with a quick change of outfits outfits for us. She also woke up for a while and pleasantly played along with us posing for this boxing picture a lovely picture with mom.

cute baby pic

What I really like about this picture is that it wasn’t the one I was going after. I wanted a picture of the mother looking at her daughter. But when they went face to face her brought her in to touch heads, creating a beautiful moment. I did get the picture I was after as well, but it is moments like this that make me love being a photographer.

lovely moment picture

She did eventually get cranky with us so I almost didn’t try this last shot. I prepped the stage fully expecting her to let us know she didn’t like the pose, but what was great about it, as soon as we put her in the container she instantly fell asleep. She even gave us a bit of a smile for one of the pictures as she dozed into a pleasant dream. We didn’t have the heart to wake her for any of the pictures preferring to get a few lovely pictures of little sleeping Sophie.

Now that I’m done writing this I feel like I could use a nap as well.

Sleep tight 🙂