We recently finished a video project for the United Arts Club of Dublin. The overall project is around making more people aware of the club and some of the great things they can offer to artists and those who appreciate art. We did two videos for them the first one is a 30 second promotional video that they can use for the website, facebook, instagram, or wherever they would like to post it.

This longer video we interviewed some of the member artists and administrators of the venue. The great thing about this was we were able to meet with a couple of artist in their studios and discuss art overall and have a great conversation with them. The venue also hosts music nights and other events that we were privileged to attend as well.

We didn’t have an opportunity to attend the live drawing workshop but The club has been located in Dublin city center since 1907, providing a relaxing location for artists and creatives to meet, eat, drink, and experience some great entertainment. The venue is located in the city center and has a great history behind it, fantastic members, and more to offer. To find out more visit the website at dublinarts.com.