soft kissesWhen it comes to photographing a wedding I believe that personality and the way I interact with my clients is one of the most important aspects of the day. If I have clients in the studio often they are only here for an hour or two, so we don’t really get to know one another. But when it comes to a wedding, I will spend an entire day with the couple and I think it is important that we have a great relationship with one another.



For us here at D Studios, we tend to lean towards the laid back style of photography. If you have been in for one of our portrait sessions you probably noticed this. I am generally a pretty relaxed person and I find it makes those around me relaxed as well. So when it comes to working with my clients on a wedding day, I feel that relaxed is the way to go over pushing and controlling wedding photography.



A photographer is someone that arrives before the wedding begins, spends the day interacting with just about everyone who attends, and will usually stay until the end of the night. It is important that that person be professional, courteous, and blends in properly with the guests. If the photographer is disorganized or has a bad attitude, they should probably be avoided.


The Look

Any good photographer is going to do a combination of “candid” and “formal” pictures. And it’s important to have both. The reason for this is we love to look through those candid moments from a wedding in our albums, but often it is the formal ones that end up on the mantle. Not to mention parents and grandparents might want a more formal picture for their collection from your wedding.


The P Word

Thanks to Photoshop and ever-changing technology, will the pictures be cool-looking now, but dated later? Think glam shots from the 80’s. We are more traditional in our style here at D Studios, in fact I say “the P word” as if it is a bad thing because I feel that natural photography has a timeless look to it. When a photograph is overly digitally manipulated it no longer looks real and loses some of its heart. Yes, we color correct, adjust balance, clean up blemishes, but beyond that, fads come and go, timeless stays timeless for a reason.

brides kisses Wedding Photographer

In Summary

The wedding photographer will most likely be around the bride and groom more than any other person on the wedding day. Some photographers are casual and laid back about everything while some are a little more controlling at running the show. The casual laid back photographer is most likely not going to get in the way much, and is going to capture the candid shots that everyone loves. The more controlling photographer is going to be able to get people where they need to be and set up some perfect shots for the fireplace mantle.