Effective February 8th, 2019 D Studios Photography will no longer be located at 18 Montague Lane. The studio’s lease was up for renewal and I decided not to seek renewal at the location. Yes, there are a few nice things about the location such as it is a good sized and comfortable space inside. The studio also had a nice city center location. However, with those good things, there were a few bad things as well.

For anyone who came to the door can attest the location didn’t have the best curb appeal. Often clients of mine would have to walk past smelly garbage bins and people doing drugs or sleeping near the door. After entering the space people would often see a messy entrance, dirty kitchen, and the business downstairs using the shared space as storage. There were also electrical problems with the breaker often switching off because of the poor wiring in the building. The space was also very cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

Inside the studio, there were other issues such as a leak in the roof I was constantly arguing with the property manager to fix. He would occasionally get someone on the roof to patch it, but the patch usually wouldn’t last long and the leak would begin again, leaving the carpet in the studio soaking wet. Not the best place for kids to be crawling around. This lead to the main reason I decided not to renew the lease. I subleased from Banaman the business downstairs and we would constantly be at odds because of the lack of maintenance on the building.

Water leaking from cealing

My new space on Malpas is smaller but still provides a good space for headshots. For larger families and groups I will use a few of the other photography studios in Dublin City center thanks to the great network of photographers within the city.

To my clients, the important thing is that you will continue to receive the same high-quality service and photography you have become accustomed, which has resulted in D Studios Photography is one of the top photography studios serving Dublin for over 10 years.