Most everyone has scrolled through YouTube at some point and come across videos with shaking hand held images and poor audio quality. If you are posting your own videos to YouTube and don’t want to be one of those people, here are some tips to improve YouTube video quality before posting the video.


This is often one of the most overlooked items when it comes to video production. People can often get past a video that isn’t lit the best or has other visual errors but when it comes to sound that will often get a video skipped.


It might not be as important as sound but it is still very important. Ever sat and started watching a video that is shot in the dark and you can barely see the people in it? I would bet you didn’t want it for long. Look at a professional videographer and they will almost always augment the lighting in a room our outside with additional lighting. Not only does this help fill the overall scene it can help fill in shadows.


Edit down the video. Everyone seems to think everything they say is brilliant but the best most watched videos usually involve some editing. Not just to shorten the video but to make it more visually interesting and engaging for people to watch. Editing sets the pace of the video and keeps the viewers engaged. You don’t need Premiere Pro or another high-end editing software. Free solutions like Windows Movie maker or DaVinci Resolve will work just fine.


People usually subscribe to YouTube channels when they provide specific consistent content. If you have a lot to say on different subject consider multiple channels. Each with its own theme. This also falls into the look of the channel, title cards, and any music used.


This is the first thing people see so design something that will grab the person’s attention. Be sure to be appropriate for the content. Yes, a picture of a celebrity in the thumbnail might get it clicked on, but if people start watching the video and it’s not relevant they will leave the video and not return to your channel. Also, design a consistent look and text that goes on the thumbnail that falls within your branded look.

Note: If you are still not producing the video to a quality you would prefer, give us a call or email and maybe we can help.