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Showreels and Audition Tapes for Actors 


If you are an actor or performer in need of a showreel or self-audition tape we can help with creating those showreels. At D Studios we are able to edit together your existing content or have you come to our city center studio and record a single or duel monologue for you. Our studio is owned by an award winning director who can assist with any direction that might be needed to get the best performance possible. 

If you want to stand out at auditions  contact us to help you get the best quality showreel or audition tape possible. 


€ 75
In studio headshots for your professional looking headshots
2 professionally edited full resolution digital images
Online gallery made available a few days later for selection
Available in Black and White or Colour
Clothing changes as many as needed to get the best look
Professional Makeup and Hair can be arranged for €45


€ 140
A short, tailor-made acting showreel that you can use to present scenes from your best performances
3 minute edited full resolution showreel
Select scenes of your choice - recommended three to four
Your headshot and name with contact information at beginning and end
3 revisions
Music at beginning and end if you want it
Provided on on flash drive as mpeg4 for upload to YouTube or Vimeo

-Self-Audition Tape-

€ 30hr
A professionally filmed self audition tape made in our city center studio
Professional Camera, Sound, and Lighting used during the making of the video
Video will be edited immediately after the recording for quick turnaround
Provided as mpeg4 for upload, online transfer, or USB flash drive
Performance Assistance can be provided to get the best performance by our former actor turned cameraman
Additional Actor or actress for dialog if needed can be arranged (€15 per hour) or our camera operator doesn't mind reading for free

-Full Package-

€ 250
All of the above Photography, Audition Tape, and Video Editing
2 Hours in the studio
Session starts with a professional headshot portrait session
Your headshot and name with contact information at beginning and end
We will record your audition tape
Additional actor is included that can ready opposite of you for any scenes
Everything edited together with any additional footage you provide into a professional showreel
Provided on on flash drive as mpeg4