Hi actors, did you know we offer Self-tape audition recording here at the studio? If not, now you do. When it comes to sending in self-tapes there are multiple ways to stand out. The first and most obvious is your performance. But to get that performance to display as best as possible, why not record it in a proper studio? Yes, cell phones are great, but setting a phone on a table and using the in-camera microphone loses a bit of quality. So, by using a proper studio to record it, you can be assured that the lighting will be perfect and the sound will be much better than the phone mic, and your self-tape will be more likely to stand out for that casting director.

Another advantage of using a studio is that we can focus on the setup, so that you can focus on the performance. We can do multiple takes if needed, and if you would like someone to read opposite of you we can help with that as well.

After we are done recording the video, we can quickly head over to the office and look at it on our large monitor. Using the most recent version of Premiere Pro CC, we can view the final video and make sure it looks perfect, making any adjustments if needed. We can add text to the beginning or end of the video and send it to you your agent directly.

Self-Tape Demo:


The Details:

  • €30
  • A professionally filmed self-audition tape made in our city centre studio
  • Professional Camera, Sound, and Lighting used during the making of the video
  • Choice of white, grey, or black backdrop
  • Video will be edited immediately after the recording for quick turnaround
  • Provided as mpeg4 for upload, online transfer, or USB flash drive
  • Performance Assistance can be provided to get the best performance by our former actor turned cameraman
  • Additional actor or actress for dialog if needed can be arranged (€15 per hour), or our camera operator doesn’t mind reading for free

Contact us to schedule some time.