When applying to work at Air Emirates as a flight attendant or cabin crew, one of the requirements is a passport-sized headshot photograph and a full-length photo. Some people will do this at home with a camera, but an advantage to having a photographer take the photograph is, we know how to light and frame the image so as to get the best look out of you, and hopefully give you a step up in the interview process.

Upon applying you will receive wardrobe suggestions as well as the dimension which looks like this.

A nice thing about coming into the studio is we know the little things they are looking for. For example the hands placement, the expression on the face, wardrobe, and the stance. We will light the picture so that you will look your best. Both guys and girls have requirements that they want to see, and we have plenty of experience with both.

After the photo session, we will provide you with a properly sized passport print and 4×6 print of the photographs. We will also provide the digital copies of each for the first step in the application process.

Also, note that we can assist both men and women with other airlines as well that have set requirements for positions.

If you are interested, the rate for the session is £140.00. Please contact us to schedule a time. And we can help give you an advantage over anyone else applying.