I know that Bow Street is generally the first stop for actors in need of a self-tape. It makes total sense that it should be, after all, that is what they are known for. The studio offers programs for actors learning the craft of performing in front of a camera. They have studios dedicated to video recording as well as a long history of working with actors to get the best performances. Now that I have talked them up, let’s say you are in need of an audition tape and they are booked, where can you go?

D Studios is located in the city center just south of St. Stephen’s Green. You will get the same great service and options here with professional lighting and sound equipment. I can also offer a choice between a white or a grey backdrop for the scene. As, the camera operator I don’t mind reading with people as long as you are okay with my American accent. Or, if you prefer I can arrange an Irish actor or actress to read opposite of you.

If you would like to check the availability calendar and schedule online you can do that through our new online scheduling service. 

Actors audition tape


Audition Tape Recording Includes:

– A professionally filmed self audition tape made in our city center studio
– Professional Camera, Sound, and Lighting used during the making of the video
– Video will be edited immediately after the recording for quick turnaround
– Provided as mpeg4 for upload, online transfer, or USB flash drive
– Additional actor or actress for dialog can be arranged (€15 per hr) or our camera operator can read for free
– White or Grey backdrop is available

To reserve a time please give us a call.