We are doing more and more self-tapes here at the studio, and have attempted to make a living as an actor myself, as well as, recording quite a few here at the studio. Here are some things we can do to help you get the best self-tape possible.

Memorize If Time Permits

Actors all know the experience of getting a call the night before requesting a self-tape for the next day, resulting in not enough time to memorize everything. But, do the best you can. When the lines aren’t memorized, it often shows in the eyes.

Take Your Time

We block off an hour on the calendar for you, providing plenty of opportunities to go through it a few times. Get the lines right and do a few takes if you need. That is the beautiful thing about it being a recording you do in advance and send. You can do as many takes as you like before submitting it.

Framing and Backdrop

In the studio, we will frame it however you want. If you are not sure, often they are looking for a head and shoulders recording. Also, we have a beautiful white or grey backdrop you can select from so that the focus is on you and no distractions around you. Please let us know in advance if you would prefer white or grey.

Get Someone To Read With You

Find someone to read opposite of you if possible. But don’t worry if you can’t find someone. We have a small pool of experienced actors and actresses that can read with you if needed. Or, as mentioned in the intro, our camera guy here at the studio has a bit of experience.


We have top of the line DSLR cameras for full resolution video recording. We also have a directional microphone that will be focused on you to get the best sound. With this setup what you send to the casting director will be much better looking and sounding than what is recorded on your phone.


We have proper studio lighting so that you will look your best. No overhead or table lamps casting a yellow glow here.

To Slate, or Not to Slate

Hopefully, you were instructed by the casting director or agent if they want a slate or not. If not, ask. We can do a slate as well as any text you need at the into to the video.

Quality File

After we do the recording, we will go into the office and import the video into the most recent version of Premiere Pro CC. We will then watch the video with you to make sure you are happy with it, then add any text or color adjustments if needed. The expert will be a full resolution high-quality video that you can send right away to your agent or the casting director.